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Why Balmain Gets the Masculine/Feminine Balance and Why I love Androgyny

This is giving me “Japanese Western Warrior”

When we think of masculine and feminine we often directly associate the terms with gender. For the sake of this short article, I am referring to the masculine and feminine in a mere conceptual way to describe opposing ideas, Yin + Yang. In fashion, you may have noticed many designers opting to combine men and women on the runway and cross the lines of gender norms through their pieces. The athleisure trend of sporty chic also helps to cross traditional gender norms in fashion.

Masculine Principles   Vs. Feminine Principles


The masculine and feminine work more like the left brain and right brain. Opposing halves that can optimize themselves in total opposite directions but can also work best when combined.

The combination and balance of the two principles is done so well in Balmain Spring 2017 collection I had to write about it.

There are so many reasons to love Balmain, but I’m not ever pressed over any person or thing no matter how great they are. Especially with Balmain’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing’s  alliance to all things mainstream ( Kardashians) and “pop”. But this collection really moved me. I adore androgyny. I love to wear silhouettes that are more masculine and I will buy men’s clothing (scandalous!). I like it simply because I do. I think it’s sexy for a women to wear her boyfriend’s clothes and still feel sexy in them. I consider comfort the best reason to get dressed, and sure, people have different comfort levels. But I find the most comfort in things that aren’t necessarily revealing every curve, lump, hump and knuckle.

As someone who is tall (i’m 5’10) and curvy ( big chest, big butt ) I don’t feel the need to always show of what I know is there. Plus men’s clothing fits me a lot better and honestly, are so well done compared to the overly frilly or overly spandex(y) items available for women. In fact, I recently bought a new Nike sweat suit (I like to fly in sweat suits because planes are cold) and I realized how much of menswear is in my closet. Originally, I bought the women’s sweat suit top  and women’s sweat suit bottoms, but I ended up taking back the bottoms to get the men’s pants because the women’s pant fit terribly (for my long and thick legs). The men’s pant fit so well I held back a tear when I tried them on.

Getting back to the point, Oliver always delivers and I silently applaud him but this collection combined the principles so well, I felt like I could have swapped pieces with half of the male models and still felt equally sexy in them. I picked my favorite looks from the collection below. In my opinion he does a great job of mixing mythology, androgyny, traditional silhouettes and ethnic pieces into a very modern glamorous look! What do you think?

Love Love Love!

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