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The Curve : Why the word has to be straightened out!


Why the term “Curvy” needs to be straightened out: A quick lesson of what curve means to the modern woman’s frame and why we get it wrong.

Since shape is my personal interest I often have conversations about our perception of the modern female physique. Now it seems like there has been a huge shift in the gene pool and women everywhere have turned into a walking version of the number 8. Curve has become a desired commodity and is being injected and sucked out of women everywhere. This is not the curve we mean here.

  More and more you hear and read the words “curvy” and “thick” to describe a woman’s shape.  I have an issue with both but I am going to start with the former and establish some guidelines on what curvy really is. I’m happy our culture is starting to embrace fuller figures and shapes outside of extremely skinny runway models, but… let’s not get carried away.


Curvy” like the word “Thick” can be subjective but we should probably understand a few things that are truths about curvy… so lets begin.



Curvy is not a type of woman– this bothers me a little because too often curvy is the word used to describe heavier women in general. Having extra weight on your body does not make you curvy. Curvy is less of a body type and more of a description for women with more ample tops and bottoms. I’m all for embracing your size but that generality is a bad idea because it leads to the next point:


Curvy bodies are still healthy bodies– Curves are breast, hips, butt , in comparison to waistlines. So in theory you can be very small and have curves and be ample and have curves but curves do not include belly, arms, knees or another bulging. Calling a think person curvy is also a slap in the face to what curves are about. Curves are about having more, extra than regular.


Being curvy is not being overweight– I’m no fan of the BMI, I think it is highly inaccurate given the various shapes and sizes of the modern woman. You can be heavy and healthy. Having curves has nothing to do with being over weight. Some bodies are built to carry more mass than average! It’s more about your personal health and not a biased standard.


Being “Thick” does not make you curvy– I wont go into detail about my feelings on being thick. Like the word curvy, we will need to define it further. Being thick does not make you curvy, you can be thick and not necessarily have a curvy structure. Curves are sculpted chiseled and toned mainly based off your bone structure. ( Now  days they are injected and sucked off in order to sculpt curves on frames)

Now lets talk about whats happening today. Have you ever seen someone with non tone arms a heavy chest and bottom and no waist? Thanks to modern fat melting techniques many people are sculpting out curves in a new way. We all know that butt injections are the newest craze but body sculpting is also gaining popularity. Should these people be considered curvy as well?

No matter the size of the body, it is your duty to sculpt your body, feed your temple and bring yourself to your optimum being !


Not that these points are made I can feel better about using that term “Curvy” what about you? Love thy temple, image is a must.





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