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Bespoke in the 21st century: 3D body scanning


Men seem to get the best of everything when it comes to fashion. They get the best clothes and they are easily fitted as compared to women. They have simple and yet sophisticated ways of always looking great, easy hair maintenance and never have to wonder how much cleavage is too much cleavage when meeting new people.

When I worked as a stylist, I actually preferred to work with men because they were much more easy to please. They were not caught up on having to change sizes to fit their body (women hate going up a size because I guess they don’t realize that a size 4 is not a size 4 in every brand). Until Kim K’s assets became “popular” some women hated their hips and or ample bottoms because it just was not “acceptable” for them. The problems with women and their shapes and body perceptions went on and on so I was more than happy to work with men who were actually a lot more simple to please. In fact, if one of my male clients found something he liked, which he did in a short amount of time, he would ask for the garment in multiple colors, buy it, never returned it and moved on with his life.

Well, life for the male shopper just got easier with the emergence of 3D body scanning technology to replace tailors. Several companies have moved forward with successfully business models of the technology and the results are customized products in no time at all.

Arden Reed

Arden Reed

Arden Reed, a 3D body scanning truck that can be found in your city boast, “The Tailor Truck will drive to your nJames-Bondeighborhood, 3D scan your body and personally style you in less time than it takes to get coffee.”

The only thing more convenient than that type of pampering would be to add a full bar and a massage therapist for a patient girlfriend who is waiting on her man to turn into James Bond.

The process with all of the companies is simple, you step into the scanner and the 3D non-harmful, non- laser lights go over your body and interprets anywhere from hundreds to millions of points on your body to be converted into accurate and well tailored patterns for you. After which the garment will be delivered anywhere from 2 weeks at the earliest to 7 weeks depending on the company. But if your wondering if it’s really a good replacement for old Geppetto who cuts your suits now, Acustom Apparel explains why below.

No laser light sensors take an impression of the body

“Digital Bespoke drastically cuts the time and financial cost of a traditional pattern maker. Instead of taking hours split between multiple fitting sessions and hundreds of dollars to create your custom pattern for a single garment, Acustom’s Digital Bespoke algorithms create your patterns for any garment in a matter of minutes–and at no cost.” Acustom Apparel.





 Acustom Apparel

Acustom’s Digital Bespoke algorithms create your patterns for any garment in a matter of minutes–and at no cost post on location body scan





Alton Lane

In store body scanner creates bespoke patterns and design for men’s suiting

 NYC, Boston, Washington D.C

Arden Reed

“Tailor Truck” After body scan, customer is able to customize his own shirt with your own collar, cuff, placket and monogram options, among others. This award is $100-$140 in value. The truck will be parked in select areas indifferent cities where customers can obtain measurements and get scanned.


Mport- austrailia

Type of scanner for use in Men’s wear



Uses body scan data based on a search he conducted of 1000 men age 24-35 have a a variation of 50 sizes. People are not scanned directly but measurements are made form previously scanned people.


Surmesur is an original consumer concept offering a unique and personalized shopping experience in three easy steps. Whether taken in the traditional way or by our optical scanner, we will keep all of your measurements for a guaranteed fit every time you visit!


Tailor Made London

 Tailor Made London is the first and only English men’s tailors pioneering state of the art scanning technology. Rather than rely on the traditional time consuming method of multiple measurement by hand, TML uses a fully automated contact free 3D Body Scanner.


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