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Minimalism for Fall Look One

Minimalism for Fall Look One
Minimalism for Fall Look One by jvegas featuring a gold cuff bracelet
Great for all shapes!!!

Great for all shapes!!!



I am a minimalist at heart and I love the simple chic fabrics and colors that make up my fall palette of colors that have my approval.

As we transition out of summer you may have a hard time combining the end of your summer wardrobe with your fall ready pieces.

This look is a perfect transition look into fall. I am still using crop blouses and open toe heel but we paired them with a leather midi and a perfect purple colored bag. Keep it simple with a herringbone gold necklace and a gold bracelet.

Why it works on you!

This silhouette was originally made famous by Christian Dior and it has since become the most recognizable silhouette for a woman’s shape! We are putting a modern twist on a tradition look. The crop top  can be styled to avoid revealing mid-drift. The shorter top paired with the high waist long skirt creates a waist line and flares out at the hips to create the Dior silhouette making the frame look balanced and long. The length of the midi is appropriate for people with all different leg type because it draws attention to the smallness of the ankle.  The simple strap heel is the sexiest thing you can put on any foot to make this outfit come together. Easy Chic. Wear with a messy bun or with a simple sleek hairdo and pop it with a nude lip and cattail eyes.

*Best for all body types because the waist is broken up and midis are flattering on all shapes.

Shop the look below!


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