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Shop by Shape: Her Room

Her Room is a online lingerie destination for all shapes and sizes. They have a great selection of undergarments for every occasion.

Our breasts are more complicated than just numbers and letters — any bra-shopping experience will likely remind you of that. Choosing a undergarment that really does your body justice starts with understanding exactly what’s going on beneath your clothes. Thankfully, we found a little infographic that can help take some of the guesswork out of the process.

HerRoom‘s nifty chart points you in the right direction: towards your ideal bra, based on your breast type. For instance, wireless bras may work well if you have conical-shaped breasts, while a push-up could be complimentary if your chest is a bit more uneven — which, as we know, is very common.

This chart is certainly not the end-all-be-all of bra shopping, but since we don’t exactly look forward to chatting with a sales associate about whether our chests are splayed or settled, it’s a helpful tool in determining what we should look for first. Check it out below, stock up on our other sworn-by expert tips, and consider yourself a better-prepared customer the next time you’re faced with overwhelming racks of lacy underthings.


Write up courtesy of Refinery29 and picture courtesy of


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