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24 Hours in the City: New York

24 Hours in the City: New York
24 Hours in the City: New York by jvegas featuring Chantecaille

Recently I have been traveling a lot for 24 hour periods at a time. I have created a guide to how to travel for 24 in different cities and today we are packing for a New York Minute!

What to wear:

When I travel to NYC I always go for a Soho Chic look! I always have to have an Alexander Wang T, they’re comfy and they fit better than the average t-shirt. I choose to pair the shirt with a riding legging because this legging has structure and as you are walking and moving they retain their shape.

My first choice for sneakers will always be an all white sneaker of some kind. Crispy white sneaker just makes the color palette look fresh. White high tops are very NYC chic!

Since we are traveling from day to night we only really ned to change heels if you decided to hangout that night before you catch your red eye. You never have to do too much in NYC to look good but you will need to freshen up which is why we packed our bag with the essential 24 hour survival kit in our must have tote!

Survival Kit:


You always need facial wipes and rice powder when traveling. You also need bronzers, a great red lip of your choice and eye liner to freshen your face. Cake make-up is not included in our 24 hours so drink a lot of water and make sure your skin is in top condition.

Hair Care:
Dry shampoo , a paddle brush and a small flat iron will ensure that you can transition into urban glam effortlessly.

Smell good:

Don’t forget to take a mini bottle of you’re favorite head turning scent!

Of course everyone has their own essentials but these are my MUST haves!

Image is a Must!

Mango black legging
$34 –

IRO black shoes
$750 –

Chantecaille lipstick
$51 –

Translucent face powder
$44 –

Japonesque gel eyeliner
$17 –

Eau de perfume

Ole Henriksen face cleanser
$20 –

Christian Dior gel nail polish
$31 –


Kent hair brush
$15 –

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