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A Curvy Girl’s Guide to Thighs: For Bottom Heavy Beauties


Thick thighs do more than keep hands warm in the winter, rip thin jeans to shreds and squeeze a squirmy child. Thighs helped Olympian women accelerate around the curves on the 200m and break the world record on the 4X1! But if you’re not training for the Olympics  and you’re not wanting to become a wrestler who’s finishing move mimics a boa constrictor…then you may not have the same appreciation for your thighs. Here are some style tips to keep thighs looking slim and sexy!


Rule 1: Get your thighs under control! Thank God for Spanx, or as I refer to them , my second skin. Spanx and various other compression garments brands offer a good variety of thigh slimming arsenals. Wear a slimming , seamless short under garments is necessary to avoid




  1. Inappropriate panty lines! This is a major offense….

  2. Dimples, dips, and various other road bumps on the body keep it tight! The back of the thighs are more susceptible to loose skin!

  3. Horizontal lines on clothing this is a huge fit issue with larger thighs. Horizontal lines mean your pants, skirts and jeans are a wee bit too tight , adding a spanx will reduce these lines and still let you wear your favorite garments

  4. friction thick things like to touch, avoid wearing the skirt slips under a skirt or dress. They which will cause your thighs to rub and limit your mobility.

Here are some of our favorite under garment tricks:

Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 11.00.20 AM



  1. Assets by Spanx– this brand of Spanx garments not only slims your thighs seamlessly, it also lifts your butt without you needing a booty pop. This garment slims the inside of the thigh and the back of the thigh under the booty. Both major problem areas for fellow thick thighed girls

  2. Biker shorts- when you can’t get to a good Spanx and you wearing a skirt or dress, biker short add just enough compression to help you avoid the friction of touching thighs. We recommend you wear then under dress that wont show the bottom seam of the shorts.

  3. Panty hoes– the saving grace of fall. It’s crazy to think I use to fight with my mother to not wear these!! Now as soon as it gets cold they are my best friend. Panty hoes are thin enough to be worn under even the skinniest denim and easily slims the legs. Look for “Control Top” Ask Beyoncé!


Who What Wear?

Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 11.00.28 AM

There are certain garments that will slim your thighs

  1. High waist- high waist anything are our favorite. High waist pants naturally draw the eye to your waist and creates shape helping to slim the body

  2. Flare- all flares are not created equal, I know for a fact that pants can make or break a shape. Avoid pants that flare below the knee, it only accentuates your thighs, instead make sure your pants flare at about mid high, this will balance thighs and create a slimming effect.

  3. The skinny pant is always going be tough, the key is to create balance. You can wear a skinny jean with a tall boot to balance the thighs. If your wearing a pump or a shoe, wear a blouse or jacket that covers the hips, the higher up the thigh the thicker they become. By concealing the larger parts of your thighs you can create a more slimming look. By pairing your skinny jean with a longer blazer or blouse you create a slimming look by concealing the largest part of the thigh. And if you want to avoid the longer tops, wear a dark denim or pant to further slim your pant.

  4. Leggings – use better judgement, use all your slimming arsenals and create flattering looks…



To maintain your thighs Try some of these exercises that will help you keep you tone!


thigh-squat-1-1000-fbWall Squat, Starting Position

1. Lean head, shoulders, lower back, and butt against a wall, with feet about 18 inches in front. Click arrow to see the next step.

Muscles it works: Quadriceps, butt and hamstrings

Wall Squat, The Move

2. Keeping knees hip-width apart, slide down the wall until you are in a chair like position. Your legs should not go any lower than a right angle to the floor. Hold position for 30 seconds; work up to five minutes.thigh-squat-2-1000-fb

thigh-stair-1-1000-fbStair Climber, Starting Position

1. Stand sideways at the bottom of a staircase. In a scissorlike motion, cross your outer leg to reach the step. Click arrow to see the next step.

Muscles it works: Entire leg


Stair Climber, The Move

2. Pull your other foot off the floor and place on the second step. Walk sideways up the flight of stairs; return to bottom normally. Then scissor your way up facing the opposite direction, leading with other leg. Start with one flight for each leg; work up to five.thigh-stair-2-1000-fb

thigh-lunge-1-1000-fbLunge, Starting Position

1. Stand with hands on hips, legs hip-width apart.

Muscles it works: Hamstrings, butt


Lunge, The Move

2. Take a big step forward with your left leg until your left thigh is parallel to floor. Do not allow your knee to extend in front of your toes. Let your back leg bend and heel come off the floor. Do not lean forward. Push off the left leg, and step back into starting position. Repeat with right leg. Start with eight repetitions on each leg; work up to 20.thigh-lunge-2-1000-fb

thigh-squeeze-1-1000-fbBall Squeeze, Starting Position

1. Sit in a chair, leaning slightly forward, arms at sides, feet flat on the floor. Place a medium-size ball between your legs above your knees, with just enough pressure to hold the ball in place.

Muscles it works: Inner thighs

Ball Squeeze, The Movethigh-squeeze-2-1000-fb

2. Squeeze the ball with your inner-thigh muscles. Then release just enough to hold the ball in place. Start with 10 squeezes; work up to 30.
Exercises courtesy of

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