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Shop by Shape: Accepted!!

The Future of Shop By Shape is now!

 Since I first began my store Luxor and Finch, I have wanted to have a major contribution in the fashion world.  Having a store, working as a personal stylist and being a designer I realized that my customers had a few issues shopping online and finding their perfect fit. So of course I set out to do what I love , create ways to solve problems.

I love design and I see an opportunity in Virtual Fit Technology and I am confident that I will contribute something major to the field. Luxor and Finch’s inception was based around having access to virtual fit technology. I worked hard to collect and analyze data from my experience in  e-commerce , design , product development and styling.  With all of those combined, I was able to formulate a plan and a method to meet a need in the market but it would need further research and refinement. As of yesterday, April 16th 2014, that prayer was answered.  I was officially accepted into Cornell’s Master’s program where I will be researching Virtual Fit Technology  as a Graduate Student!

yes yes lord


I have been working towards this dream for the last two years so this is a major accomplishment for me and a testament of how having faith and taking action is the only way to make things happen. I am now moving forward with the next few steps in my plans of bringing about better technology and I couldn’t feel more blessed! I will continue with my online store but I will also now incorporate more of fit technology in my blog as well!


Thank you for all the encouraging words I have received over the last few days and please don’t think I was not grateful I was just super excited so I didn’t get to respond to everyone! Thank you for everyone who has supported and continues to support my work. Thank you for my friends who have listened to my crazy ideas and still encouraged me. May we continue to out do ourselves daily!



Jessica Couch

Stylist, Designer







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