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Design: Zebra Finch Original Print Patterns


I am currently working on a new collection  and I am using  a zebra finch bird as part of my inspiration for my prints.

I chose a finch because it is a symbol associated to my brand. It represents freedom, flight and rising to greater heights.


I  took the zebra finch and broke it down to 5 elements.

bird single abstract repeat

1. Red directional symbol – From the beak, I actually took a picture of a high gloss fingernail and manipulated it into the triangular shape

2. The sphere mimics the orange part of the girds eye

3. The Black shape also mimics the natural design of the bird’s eye and that is why it contours around the sphere

4. The leopard print also mimics the natural design of the brown and white dots on a zebra finch’s wing

5. Lastly, the stripes represent the ‘zebra’ design of the bird and it was made from a finger print to add personalization


*This shape is the basis of all the patterns I created.  I will not use all of these in the collection but a few will make it in! These are all original work so don’t steal them please! I added a little water mark to protect the images but they are not a part of the prints. The prints are not sized accurately but at least you can get a feel of the idea! Enjoy!


I then manipulated the shape I created  to create new patterns!

Luxor and Finch water mark design 1 water marked night bird pattern two toned abstract water marked water marked beige print water marked pattern 3 fav print


What do you think? Would you wear it? I will be putting some more up this week to give you a sneak peek of the vision board!


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