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Shop by Shape: Technology

Fit Technology is rapidly developing for retailers. It serves to solve the issue of mass returns amongst e-commerce companies. Fit technology companies are rapidly increasing and although the have their shortcomings, they are the wave of the future and pretty soon you may never have to leave your house to try on garments again.


Today we are covering a virtual fitting room company providing solution for retailers.


Who are they? is the world’s most commercially successful developer and provider of virtual fitting room solutions. Its virtual fitting room solutions help boost the revenues and profitability of online clothing retailers by enabling them to overcome the Online Fit Problem. Virtual Fitting Room solutions increase conversions, reduce garment returns and drive customer loyalty through increased brand satisfaction.

vfr6_2The privately-held company is headquartered in London, UK.







Who Uses Them?

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 11.16.56 AM



How Does it work?

The Virtual Fitting Room is proven – through customer analytics – to increase conversions and reduce garment returns.  It is the only fit technology to deliver the in-store fitting room experience online, providing shoppers with a photo-accurate, mirror-like, visualisation of fit.On a retailer’s site, the Virtual Fitting Room displays real photographs that show exactly how the garments a shopper is looking at will fit his/her body size and shape, simply by asking that shopper for a few, key, body measurements.


With further intuitive clicks, the shopper can instantly ‘wear’ other sizes, before choosing the size that fits them the way they prefer.

The Virtual Fitting Room will even give warnings about where a garment may be too tight, too loose, too long or too short – for example, in arm length, or collar size – just as a shop assistant would do in a bricks-and-mortar store.
Fit Advisor invites the online shopper to provide a few, key, body measurements, but then simply asks the shopper whether he/she prefers to wear their clothes tight, with a ‘regular’ fit, or loose. If the shopper doesn’t know their measurements, they can enter their height, weight, age and body shape and we are able to calculate the remaining measurements that we need to accurately determine fit.FA_demo_preference_dressBreakthrough technology developed by means a retailer needs to provide measurements for only one size of garment in a range – there is no need to locate, aggregate and measure perhaps hundreds garments in each size – the ideal solution for retailers with wide, shallow stock and/or rapidly changing stockline.3_preference_v3




go online to and try out the technology for yourself!


Seems simple enough? Expect to see developments for technology such as this in the future. Fashion isn’t so shallow after all and virtual styling will most likely revolutionize the industry in this decade. Who knows what is next maybe an entire virtual experience in your home somewhere between “Minority Report” and “IRobot” meets “The Devil Wears Prada”



Unit 8.1, 8 Clerkenwell Green, 4th Floor
Aylesbury Street
London, EC1R 0DE
United Kingdom

General enquiries

Phone: +44 8455 280572

Sales enquiries

Phone: +44 8455 280570

Media and marketing enquiries

Tim Donnelly Smith
Phone: +44 7978 800275


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