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Athletics are a great and important part of life. Being active is important in our overall health. We naturally assume that athletes are healthier than we are because of the level of activity. But how does this compare with their body types?What sport requires what shape?

Photographer Howard Schatz chose to showcase these body-image differences in his photo series, “Athlete,” which can be purchased on Amazon.

The series depicts athletes bodies in comparison to other athletes. They pose in front of a black background and are scaled proportionately to highlight the similarities and differences. Each athlete’s name, sport, height and weight are listed below their image.

Check out some of the photos (found on Reddit) below, and click to zoom in:


Sweat_AthletePhoto1-630x410 Sweat_AthletePhoto3-630x420 Sweat_AthletePhoto4-630x392 Sweat_AthletePhoto6-630x426 Sweat_AthletePhoto7 Sweat_AthletePhoto8 Sweat_AthletePhoto9-630x414 Sweat_AthletePhoto10-630x384 Sweat_AthletePhoto11-630x467 Sweat_AthletePhoto13-630x400


What do you think about that?


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