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12 body shapes



 There use to only be 5 body shapes, but recent studies have shown that we have added 7 more shapes to help define the body types in out population, which shape are you?

Screen shot 2014-04-26 at 3.16.00 PM

Large Chest (same size as hips)
Small waist
Short waist
Average/Long legs
Hips proportionate to breasts
Generous thighs
Average/Broad shoulders

Broad shoulders,
None defined waist line
Average tummy
Flat bum
Chunky thighs
Average legs
full calves

Small/Average Breasts
Slim waist
Pelvis and hip width similar (shelf like)
Average/short legs
Bigger thighs,
Larger calfs
Narrow/Average shoulders

Larger breast
Slight waist definition
Slim hips in comparison to shoulders
Long legs
Average/Broad shoulders

Broad Shoulders
Small chest size
No waist definition
Slim hips
Long slim Legs

Narrow shoulders
Small cup size
Long waist
Flat tummy
bottom heavy
Shorter thick legs

Average/Broad shoulders
Large Chest
Shorter waist
Large hips,
Large glutes bottom,
Big thighs
Slim lower legs

Broad shoulders
Large Chest
No waist definition
Narrow hips
Long legs
A bit of tummy

Shoulder width same as hip width
slight waist
Longer legs

Significantly slimmer shoulders as compared to hips
Small cup size
smaller shorter waist
Average or long legs
Larger thighs
Larger bottom

Narrow shoulders
Average cup size
Average leg length
Tummy bigger than breasts, mid section is largest

Larger cup size
Gently Curving longer waist
Hip size equal to chest size
Slim thighs and legs
small, slim waist
Average or long legs
Larger thighs and rear


14 Responses to “12 body shapes”

  1. meme

    My shape isnt here or anywhere, im small waist small boobs my arms are very fat big hips belly and butt, my legs look long because the calf is skinny and I have a short waist, what the heck am I? Lol plz help

    • luxorandfinch

      Interesting, How tall are you? Does you waist indent or is it slim? You sound like a variation of the apple shape but I would need to see you to know for sure.

  2. PegiRae

    I have small sholders, and natural huge boobs, 38 f. So I am 43, 33, 44, a perfect size 16 right? WRONG. People assume wide hips mean nice arse but… Oh contraire my friend. I will never be a great hourglass because I have a pancake butt. Yes you heard me correctly I have a flat arse. What shape is that in any fashion. I have never had a pair of jeans that didn’t look like ill fitting Huggies or gape around my waist. Any advice would be good

    • luxorandfinch

      Well no worries, all hourglass shapes don’t have protruding butts. Hourglass simply deals with you shape if seen head on. According to your measurements you are an hourglass as you shoulders and hips are balanced and your wait is a 10″ drop. I have the same issue with jeans, I choose to wear high waist jeans because anything lower is simply not made for my shape. I also love a high waist legging and oversized shirt. Because My chest is larger I make sure to wear lower cut blouses ( not to show off too much breast) but to balance my shoulders and larger chest area. Always draw attention to the waist! It makes everything look slimming! I will be happy to help you more let me know what else is on your mind!

  3. Reader

    I get tired of seeing women analyzed like this. Where are the men’s body types?

    • luxorandfinch

      I’m sorry to hear that. I may do a post about men’s body types but these particular posts are geared towards women to give them a better ( not complete) understanding of body shape. Any suggestions on other ways to analyze the body to hep give information to women? I would be happy to include it in a blog.

  4. Evey

    I thought I was a column type but now I have doubts. I might fit better in the cornet body type except that I don’t have long legs. Im 23 years old. I’m 5.1. My breast measures 78 inches (flat chest), waist 59 and hips 82, that’s because I have booty but not wide hips at all. My arms are quite long though. And my thighs are skinny. It’s really hard for me to find clothes that fit me because I live in The Dominican Republic and here most women have either an hourglass, a pear or an apple figure.

    • luxorandfinch

      You have mostly an even body type,
      I am curious to know your mother’s shape as well as any other women in your family. None the less I can imagine it is hard for you to find clothing bc clothing made for the body types you mentioned would not be flattering. When you shop, always go for items that accentuate your waist line but that will not cling to your hips. Having a smaller chest is an advantage sometimes because you can also wear various cuts that focus attention on your chest without looking overly sexual. Go for items that add “weight” around your hips for balance. A line skirts, high waist shorts that bell at the thigh and also play with oversized tops. Since your legs are slender and you are not heavy chested, you won’t have to worry about oversized items making you look larger than you are. Do you shop on ASOS? They have a great variety. Let me know if this helps. If you still need assistance we can put together some looks via Polyvore.

  5. Janine

    I really appreciate that you’re exploring body type definitions. Personally, I think it’s helpful to try and clarify my body type so I can more easily pinpoint clothes that flatter my frame. I’ll take all the help I can get! Thanks.

    • luxorandfinch

      Thank you for taking time to read the posts! I will have more coming soon,
      I started a new business so I haven’t been able to blog like I want to.

  6. Catie

    My breast size is either a 38c or 36d. My hips and thigh are rather large, and I do have a butt (my breast and hips are roughly the same size, hips are a touch bigger). My waist nips in and is quite slender. I don’t have much of a tummy, and even when I gain weight, it all goes to my arms and thigh. (A little to my breast as well). Pants rarely fit me because they’ll be too small in the hip, too big in the waist. (One reason I wear yoga pants 99% of the time). I love how v-necks and lower cut blouses and sweaters make me look, but I don’t look good in anything super high cut. (I also like cowl necks). I don’t know if I’m an hourglass, skittle, cello, or pear. Could you please help me?

    • luxorandfinch

      I will be glad to help! You are an hour glass. Hourglasses come in a variety of sizes and the shapes change slightly but you are def an hour glass. The ratio of shoulders to hips really determine the shape. Weight gain is another indication: a pear or cello typically gain weight in their upper body last and have weight gain in their mid sections as well. Characteristically you gain weight as typical hour glasses do, upper and lower then lastly in the mid section. Super high cut blouses may make you look wider or heavier than you are, v-necks and lower cuts are great well prominent shoulders and larger chests. Lastly,
      Yoga pants are quintessential to the closet I have to put mine out of sight to encourage me to wear something else! Let me know if this helps. If you still need assistance we can put together some looks via Polyvore.

  7. Kathy

    I am Goblet shape…Hate it. I think its the worst shape to be. Buying dresses is terrible, because I have to buy a large size to fit my bust, but then its enormous on my hips. Give me hips any time, makes your waist look small

    • luxorandfinch

      It can be difficult to be a goblet. My mother is goblet shaped and she is very top heavy and slender in the legs. I have found that some of her best looks involve oversized off-the-shoulder looks where she pairs a great over sized blouse with a pair of nice riding pants or leggings, i also love her A line skirts. A-line Dresses can have a way of making this shape look less flattering but breaking the A-line shape up into skirt and top always seems to work best. IF you give me more information on your style I will be happy to put some looks together for you via Polyvore.


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