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Fashion I Faint For : Zadig and Voltaire

Zadig and Voltaire

Every so often I see a collection that just speaks to my core being. Right now in my life I have a style I like to describe as Grunge glam chic. Zadig and Voltaire gave me everything I love in their fall 2014 collection shown in Paris March 5th 2014.

The whole reason I love fall is because of fashion and my favorite fall looks are always:

  1. Military

  2. Leather Biker Jackets

  3. Chunky Knits

  4. Leather bottoms

  5. Tailored jackets

  6. Black on black

  7. lace up boots

  8. My favorite Carhartt Orange skully

And with that you should be able to tell why I am so in love this collection! My favorite collections are below:

_ARC0535.450x675-1 _ARC0609.450x675 _ARC0363.450x675 _ARC0387.450x675 _ARC0478.450x675 _ARC0308.450x675 _ARC0016.450x675 _ARC0027.450x675-1

_ARC0227.450x675 _ARC0363.450x675-1 _ARC0122.450x675


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