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Oscar’s yes and no’s

The Queen has approved this post

We won’t even touch on Queen Lupita, she obviously stuns in everything she wears! She will get a post all by herself. But we will touch on some of my favorite trends that showed up at the Oscars.

The Queen has approved this post
The Queen has approved this post

It’s obvious that the biggest trends at this year’s Oscars were Nude, Embellishments and Structure. My advice for styling is to achieve a balanced feminine figure. Evening wear should always achieve the hourglass figure.  Everyone isn’t the hour-glass shape, but this is the best balance for evening wear. Achieving this can be done without having to posses the actual shape but you have to be style savvy. Here are some of my go to style savvy red carpet look and my not so great ones as well. I graded them on an A-F scale so read below to see who passes.


Leave it to Angelina Jolie to always make the right decision style wise and leave it to Elie Saab Couture to make something so .  This nude dress has perfectly placed directional embellishments that draw the eye to the chest and waist. This creates a balanced hour-glass without being too tight or drawn in.   A+

Kate Blanchett looks amazing in this gown partly because it accentuates her pear shaped body and partly because the dress gives the illusion she is totally nude underneath. Although Kate does not have a well-defined waist, the design of the dress helps to separate hip from waist and create the hourglass look without being and hour-glass. A

Kristin Chenoweth in Roberto Cavalli definitely achieves the formal hourglass figure with a nude/gold embellished dress. I’m not sure how much everyone thinks Beyoncé is a trend setter, but I can’t help but think she had much to do with everyone’s desire to be embellished, snatched and hourglass like. And if we thank Beyoncé then we must thank the great Tina Knowles.


As we have learned before, peplum is a girl’s best friend, but only when placed correctly ! Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior was so perfectly done in a feminine minimalist way that I couldn’t help but love her more. The house of Dior is known for their love of the hourglass shape for women, Dior was the epitome of a woman in the 1950’s in fact I could honestly say the reason we may have difficulty with sizes today is because of Dior and his standard for the woman’s hourglass figure… but I wont bore you! Jennifer is a pear, and the placement of the peplum and the shape of the dress including the hem and the princess panels on the skirt of the dress cause the eye to go down then up with a focal point at the waist, this achieves the über sexy feminine shape that Dior is known for. The color is one of my favorite color orange ( don’t argue with me about red or orange I’m pretty sure it’s orange) and the whole look is simple and gorgeous! Less is more in this case A+++


I honestly think this dress is gorgeous and if it came in different colors it could work on a variety of shapes and skin tones. The lines are gorgeous and create movement towards the waist and down the legs. The slightly embellished fabric is perfect for red carpet and black tie. Julie Delpy in Jenny Packham is giving us vintage hollywood glamour. A+


Karen O in Camilla Stærk is also touching on vintage glam in her ensemble. Draped sleeves, plunging necklines and mermaid bottoms are a perfect way to achieve an hourglass evening glam look. The small embellishment on the chest is very feminine and glamorous. Not to mention that black satin is the only satin I can approve of for the spring. A!


In contrast to Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams in Gucci Première has a different placement of the peplum which yield different results. This peplum placement actually creates shape for Amy because she is actually more of a brick shaped body type. The angled peplum actually creates her waist line as well as the hips. Hourglass has been achieved! A

Now these looks went for it, but never really made it across…


Now I have loved Jessica Biel since she graced 7th heaven with her wide mouth but, ever since she scooped Justin I stopped paying attention to her. (no shade) but I couldn’t help but notice that she missed the mark at the Oscars. Flesh tones can be great, however you have to be careful not to mute your skin tone out and look drab. not to mention that this dress has no structure, as in we can’t see a defined shape and the embellishment help to further confuse our eyes.  C-


Naomi Watts in Calvin Klein Collection, No denying this is a beautiful dress, great hair and perfect make up for the look, but I cannot approve of this shape lacking dress for her body type. Having the Brick body type, it is important to create shape. Cap sleeves work well with hips and heavy embellishments work when shape is created. I would not recommend this look for this dress C-


Gaga is always daring, having the pleasure of being on set with her was so amazing!! But, I’m just not in love with the very pale purple shade this Atelier Versace dress is giving off and I never see the need for a shawl scarf before the age of 40. The only thing that I love about the dress is the dramatic hourglass figure it gives off that saves it and bring the grade to a B+.


Jennifer Garner in Oscar de la Renta was as confusing as her puzzled look. The dress is gorgeous in motion but it is not very flattering still. There seems to be some fit issues in the bust area that could be attributed to the fabric, I never think spaghetti straps are flattering especially on a straight across bust shape. This dress does nothing for Jennifer and the color almost washed her out. Lastly the shape of the dress makes it difficult to see the shape of her. D


Sandra Bullock looks great and she has a beautiful shape so I am sure you are wondering why I have her in this category. The dress is so amazing on her figure but the look is boring and the color is a little too heavy. In fact the dress seems prom-like and as a grown woman the last look you want to have is prom chic for the red carpet. The hour-glass figure is too beautiful to drape with heavy fabric, simple is best. Sandra was not the only person who did the prom look, but she was the best one and so I can graciously give her a C.


Julia Roberts in Givenchy. Peplum must be strategic, Peplum + Lace + Ruffles are a little too much for anyone who is not in the cast of Carmen, and does not intend to wear a matching flower in their hair.  Julia is a Pear shape and this is one of the many ways to bring a pear down. The neck line is harsh and the fullness of the ruffles around the waist are most unflattering. I will never style anyone in a halter top dress, blouse or pant suit. D

86th Annual Academy Awards - Show

No. F+

Never ever ever try to stuff yourself into a dress. 1. You many NOT layer a dress over a dress shirt. I’m not sure when stylists thought it was ok to do this but this is a sin punishable by banishment 2. You may not layer a tube dress over anything take tubes out of your wardrobe, they work against shapes in every way. 3. If you are larger you must create shape, you must snatch and structure, actually this goes for everyone! There is no way to flatter you if you try to hide your shape in a fabric barrel. 4. If it did not work before do not try to make it work. Whoopi’s disregard of shape and style get her the failing grade of F she did not pass and will return next year to try it again!

Remember Image is a Must!


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