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Pear Shape Defined

The Pear!

Meet the pear shape. Characterized by more narrow shoulders and wide hips, this shape also gains weight in the butt hips and things first.


 The key to styling this shape is all about balance and accentuating the shape. Pears come in many variations, the main characteristic that makes a pear a pear is the weight gain in the bottom versus the top of the body.   You can have defined shoulders and a smaller bra cup size and still be considered a pear if your biggest and widest parts are hips, thighs or butt.

Blue Body B

Blue Body B

Pear with wide hips

Pear with wide hips

Pear: surgically made!

Pear: surgically made!

PEar Celebs

PEar Celebs

Depending on the type of pear, you still need balance some tips are

  1. Embrace your hips and always play up the difference ratio in hip to waist. This will always give you a feminine look.  But avoid adding extra weight to the hips and legs, be weary of horizontal strips and oversized patterns on the bottom half.

  2. To add balance , you can add weight to your top half by wearing structured tops, blazers and heavier fabrics.

  3. Always accentuate the waist, this shape can be lost in pieces that aren’t waist friendly, then you Run the risk of looking heavier than you are.

  4. If you are a true  pear and you have added weight in the legs make sure you are pairing your shoe/bottom piece strategically. be careful of your choice of pants, when it comes to dress pants be sure to choose a pant that widens in the mid thigh to give balance to your hips to achieve a straight leg look, if not the pants will hug the butt and thighs and take away from the classy look you most likely need in a business environment.

3 looks that flatter our pears!

Pear options

1. Alexander Wang Pebble clutch, Givenchy Pink Leather Skirt, PLEIN SUD fitted peplum top, NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD nude pump
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs floral print silk pant , Stella McCartney perforate clutch , David Yurman cuff, Balmain structured Shoulder top, Rupert Sanderson Textured Pumps
3. Alexander McQueen Printed dress, Giuseppe Zanotti booties, Gold Cuff

Years ago, a pear was not a shape that women wanted, women seemed to be ashamed of this shape and wanted to hide and cover up as much as possible. But lately for reason we don’t even have to go into, women are much more confident, wearing their shapely backsides with pride. So my styling is based on accentuating the shape and not covering it up.

Stay tuned for our Pear wardrobe staples in the next post we will tell you why it works! Also, feel free to ask any question I will answer every one!


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