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Let’s Shop : Ice Cream Cone

So you have been reading the blog and you realize your shape is most similar to the Ice Cream Cone. Now you want to know what you should buy, well that’s why I started this blog!

As your virtual stylist I have put together a visual for you. These are pieces that will most flatter your shape that I recommend you invest in. Now you don’t have to buy these pieces exactly, if you find something similar that works then know it will only add to your wardrobe and flatter you!

The method is simple: Balance

Create shape by  playing up your shoulders and creating weight in the hips!

1.Your shoulders are gorgeous and defined so don’t be afraid to show them off, choose sleeveless items that contour the shoulders and not just straps (straps aren’t flattering)

2. Play on the contrast of your shoulders to your waist, having broad shoulders can be great because you can draw more attention to your waist line!

3. Add weight to the hips by having peplum blouses and skirts, horizontal strips, heavy prints and draping and all good ways to do this!

* you don’t have to have this shape to wear these items any time you want to play up your shoulders this is a great way to do so. If you want to add to your hips to look more pearish, you can use these methods!

Ice Cream

1.FAIR+true Fair Trade Geometric Print Peplum Skirt: prints are flattering and when paired with a solid a print draws the attention, so to add attention to your hips play with a bold print such as this! The peplum also adds balance! 
2.TIBI Pebbled Leather Skirt: the shape of this skirt also draws the eye to the waist and then out in the direction of the skirt. Easy way to balance your broad shoulders. Plus you cant go wrong with a leather skirt. 
3.High waisted skater skirt: A skater skirt is really for every shape, it’s very girly because it reinforces that hourglass figure of balance. It works for everyone, it is a MUST in your wardrobe. 
4.KENZO Textured pencil skirt with peplum: Kenzo is one of my favorite go to designers, this is a great pencil skirt for this shape, I would normally avoid pencil skirts for this shape because they often throw the overall shape out of balance. But the layered peplum actually flatters and accentuates!
5.Shell Pink V Neck Sleeveless Peplum Top: Peplum is easy to find and its a great way to flatter any shape. deep v’s also draw attention away from the shoulders and cause the eye to drop to the waist line. 
6.FAUSTO PUGLISI sleeveless A-line dress: An A Line dress works for this shape because it creates shape,this particular one has a banded waist line and it is sleeveless. Banded waist lines help to created shape and structure in a dress. Look for these when choosing the right dress for you. 
7.Finders Keepers Women’s Call Me Dress : For the more daring , this dress shows off the right assets and the cut out at the waist is sexy. THIS WORKS FOR ALL BODY SHAPES
8.Barbara Casasola Cady Midi Trousers: Trousers can be tricky for most shapes but the high waist is always a great option. the only shape these would not work with would be the apple, I will explain why in another post. 
9.Maikel Tawadros Fold Over and Cropped Trousers – The fold over trouser draws attention to the inside of the pants instead of the outside. drawing the eye to the waistline. These are a great choice for your shape! 
10.  Rag&Bone Daytona Top– I know we said earlier no straps, this is not the exception the sleeves are actually contour and the straps fall closer to the neck than the shoulder so this creates shape and balance. THIS LOOK ALSO WORK FOR THE BRICK/EVEN SHAPE
11.  Rag & Bone Stargazer Leather Top: Leather is sexy and this top has everything we are looking for for your shape.
12.  Sportmax Code Corsaro long sleeve stripe colour block blouse:  If you are worried about wearing button downs there are some solutions for you without making you look to broad. Choose a blouse with a vertical pattern to sim you and look for shirt contoured at the waist. Avoid the “blousy” oversized blouses that are popular, no batwing sleeves either, go for the structured blouses. THIS WORKS FOR ALL SHAPES


Thekey to picking pieces for this shape is to create shape, accentuate the shoulders (because broad shoulders are beautiful) and keep pieces in your wardrobe that are flattering.


Take these looks as prompts but make them your own! Image is a Must!


2 Responses to “Let’s Shop : Ice Cream Cone”

  1. Inya sule

    How about if am a Muslim inverted shape and can’t wear sleeveless?can u show me long sleeves for inverted body shape.

    • luxorandfinch

      Thank you for asking!

      My apologies for not responding sooner! I will be happy to find some long sleeved item examples for you. I will do some research then do a post. Tell me a litter more about your shape and some of the issues you may have finding something comfortable to wear.


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