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Peter Pilotto for Target

Pilotto for Target

By now you already know that Designer Peter Pilotto’s Collection with Target has hit the market place!

Being known for his bold mixing of prints, Pilotto adds a lot of much needed color and flare to Target Style. You can never go wrong with prints but prints are tricky! We pulled some of the pieces ( most likely still available in store) to help you find what is best for your shape!

Here is our guide to shopping Peter Pilotto at Target:

wide leg pants

Wide leg pants are great essentials to have in the wardrobe. Because of the vertical lines these are extra slimming. High waist pants create shape for the brick and ice cream cone shape and reinforce the shape of the hourglass figure. Wide waist lines should avoid this look and being hippy could take away from the pants.

the dress pilotto

This dress works for every shape! The panels provide shape and the skirt is flared and creates a balance between shoulders and waist! Best buy for your shape.

striped top

The vertical stripes on this blouse slim the shoulders and the flare at the waist helps to balance the hip to waist ratio. This look works for larger shoulders by providing balance at the waistline and hips. It also helps to hide a wide waist.

striped peter

This particular dress is best for a non-defined waist. the vertical lines help to slim the midsection and the drop waist skirt lengthens the mid section.

strapless dress

A strapless dress such as this work for every shape, it draws attention to a smaller waist and the added fullness at the hips is very feminine! For girls with broader shoulders this will compliment your shape! Great dress !

sleeveless top

Sleeveless button downs are Great for Pear, Brick and Apple shapes. For apples and pears it draws attention to the shoulders and the print flatters the midsection. For brick he curved bottom falls at the hips creating a curve that rounds the hips.

peter pilotto

This blouse works perfect for the brick shape, the contrast colors helps to create a waist illusion for the evenly shaped brick.

floral button up no collar

A button up is always appropriate for every shape! Even better is the size of the white flora print in contrast to the black floral on the sleeves, this is a great wardrobe piece!

floral blouse

 For wide shoulders and small hips the inset sleeve slims the shoulders and the fullness at the bottom of the blouse helps to balance the narrow hips, it also helps to create shape for even waist body types like the brick and create length in the waist for the apple shape.

dress for all

Once again Peter hits the nail on the head with making dresses for every body types. The contrast vertical fabric does two things, asethetically it break up the intense print and functionally it slims the waist, the added belt further brings in the waist line making this dress great for every shape!

blue floral dress

Peter managed to make the perfect fitted dress for our pear and hourglass shapes, this dress hugs every curve and the floral print helps to cover any flaws in the shape.



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