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Like a Boy: Boy Grunge

How do you wear it?

Every so often I like to wear my boy(friend’s) clothes because sometimes it just feels great to sink into an outfit rather than squeeze.

 I find that a few oversized pieces ( my beau is basically my size) adds some character and a masculine looks makes me feel more dominate. I’m a fan of androgyny because it puts more focus on the overall look (head to toe) and less focus on your most prominent “assets” ( boob to butt). It can also enhance your shape just as much as form fitting clothing does. My style is always based around what feels comfortable because much of how you look is simply how you feel.

This week is dedicated to the best androgynous looks for your body type!

The Look: Grunge Boy Chic

How do you wear it?
How do you wear it?

1.     Band of Outsiders Plaid cotton-flannel Boyfriend Shirt – This shirt works because it is a slim fitting narrow shirt with a bit more length than a females shirt. Because it is slim fit it will not be baggy but it will be comfortable. It should fit more similarly to a shirtdress with the comfort of flannel and non-restricting armholes as a plus! Top button buttoned is a must for the look. Exception: if you have a much larger chest then considers loosening the tension some.

2.     Acme Studios Leather Jacket– Leather always adds a touch look to any outfit. But a boxy leather jacket like this is actually flattering on a female. Leather adds good weight as a fabric (bad weight would be a chunky knit sweater that adds about 20 pounds to anyone with a bra size over a C cup). The boxy shape adds structure to the shoulder and the length gives the appearance of shape at the waist while allowing the flannel to add to your height.

3.     Sass and Bide Boyfriend Denim– Boyfriend denim gives us a break from too tight jeans and laundry day leggings. Paired with the length of the flannel and the top heavy leather the boy friend leans provide a nice balance for our laid back look.

*For taller girls or thicker legs, instead of doing a full boyfriend denim you can accomplish the look by wear a drop crotch denim that is large in the waist and tapered in the ankle, this way you don’t have to look too oversized. It’s the look that’s important not the specifics!

4.     Doc Marten’s– To complete our grunge look we need a heavy boot! Doc Marten’s are an easy go, but you can always have a Timberland boot, redwing, Jeffery Campbell  could even complete the look!

5.     J.Crew Pea coat– Do not be afraid to swap you leather for a Pea coat, this option is best for frames that don’t need the short length jacket. As great as guys look in a nice peacoat you will look equally as good. I will explain below.

6.     American Eagle Beanie -Add the beanie for balance and a color pop. I’m kinda getting tired of the skully’s that say things so today we prefer the beanie that is strong silent.

FINAL TOUCHES FOR THIS LOOK: the best thing to pull off a boyish look is a beat face and glorious hair. because we’re still girls. Your crown is your glory!

Shop By Shape

Ice Cream Anyone?
Ice Cream Anyone?

Ice Cream- besides having broader shoulders, you may have a larger chest. To help balance out your top heavy frame choose the pea coat instead of the Leather. The Pea coat’s length will add shape to your frame and draw the eyes away from shoulder and chest. Also make sure the length of the flannel goes beyond your hip line by adding a layer around the hips it helps to balance your frame as well.

The apple shape  and how to dress it!
The apple shape and how to dress it!

Apple- this look work great if you carry most of your weight in your stomach area like most apples do. Opt out of the leather jacket because the length will most likely fall at your waist which if your widest measurement Instead go for the pea coat because the length and shape will flatter the boyish look without adding weight.

The Athletic build
The Athletic build

Brick- with your evenly built body the shorter jacket helps to create the illusion of a smaller waist even with a non form fitting layer like the flannel. This look keeps you looking long and lean and the added weight the leather puts on your shoulders is flattering.

Miss Hippy
Miss Hippy

Pear- The leather jacket helps add broadness to your smaller shoulder and creates a balanced frame. Less emphasizes are on the hips. This is an easy look for a boyish layered look.

The Hour Glass Figure
The Hour Glass Figure

Hourglass-Depending on how your frame is balance the leather jacket is best for you because it slightly alludes to your narrow waist, the low rise of the denim is complementing to your shape and the jacket accentuates your shoulders.


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