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The Pear: Forbidden Fruit Alicia Keys at the Grammys

Alicia Keys Beatz

The “Pear” shape is defined very simply: Having hips with a circumference grater than both the waist and the shoulders. There is no defined waist line in the pear shape instead the person gradually increases width from their shoulder to their hips. a true pear will have a small chest and moderate to slender shoulders  *Not to be confused with variations of hourglass shapes, the biggest distinctions for a pear are the well defined hips in comparison to a not well defined waistline and smaller shoulder .

Miss Hippy

Miss Hippy

Alicia Keys Beatz

Alicia Keys Beatz

I am a fan of all shapes and curves , but the pear shape can be difficult to style without the person appearing to have added weight on their bottom half. Ask most men now days about the pear shape and they are in love! But many women tend to struggle with looking slim at this shape. Alicia Keys has always had a very hippy shape however I wasn’t sure if her dress was flattering on her shape. In fact I thought that particular dress added a lot of weight to the soulful singer that she normally does not have. It also accentuated her small chest in an unflattering way as well. What did you think of the look?


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