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How to Balance the “Apple” Shape

Some advice on how to balance the “Apple” shape.

Apple’s have a particular distinction for their body types. They tend to be the widest and or heaviest in the stomach area above the waist.  Not to be confused with a brick shape, Apples’ tend to not have broad shoulders.

 How do you know if you are an apple?

1. IF your midsection is larger than your hips

2. IF you gain weight in your belly first then weight gain radiates out towards your arms, back and lastly thighs.

Clothing to avoid 

1. BODY CON DRESSES– avoid drawing attention to the waist with a body con dress that will NOT flatter your figure. Always wear something that can create a waist line and create shape. Instead, wear A-line dresses or dresses with flared skirts  to flatter your figure

2. LEGGINGS AS PANTS– most apple shapes have narrow hips and wider waists. It is imperative to avoid drawing attention to the ratio between the hips and waist. If you do wear a legging you must wear a top that is long enough to cover the hips and that create a balance, like an oversized sweater, NO sweatshirts, t shirts or short blouses!

3. SHORT BLOUSES– avoid any blouse or top that  has a hem at your waist line, you must always wear things that go below the waist line and right on top or past the hips. This will create shape and flatter your body type.

*Of course all shapes have variations, you could have larger breast, a bubble butt, narrow shoulder or thicker thighs. Then you can tweak these ideas for your own shapes but these garments will help with your wardrobe.

5 Items Essential to Apple Winter Wardrobe-

Nasty Gal Big City Blazer

Structured Blazer

1. Structured longer blazer– adding some structure to your shoulders and length to your blazer creates shape. This will be an easy go to piece in your wardrobe every season. Longer blazers like this NastyGal Big City Blazer have a slight structured shoulder and is a great length.

Sass and Bide Aviator Pants

Sass and Bide pant

2. High Waist Pants – High waist pants will help slim the tummy area and flatter your figure. Avoid a low rise pant of any kind  because it will create a definite distinction of your hip to waist ratio. Sass and Bide Aviator Pant  has a well proportioned print to flatter your apple.

Labworks Chiffon Blouse

Target Chiffon Blouse

3. Longer blouses- Longer blouses are going to be your best friend, most apples will have a larger tummy and the best way to avoid drawing attention to your tummy is to wear blouses that are longer and will create length at your waist which makes you look more shapely. Choose blouses that are loose fitting like this Labworks Chiffon blouse from Target. 

Teal Silk Dress

Marc by Marc Teal Silk Dress

4. A line dresses- A line dresses work for your shape because they will not hug the waist but they will show off your legs all while creating a balance. Choose a dress that creates shape like this Marc by Marc Jacob Teal Floral Silk Dress 


Waist Belt

Mcqueen Waist Belt

5. Waist Belts-Waist belts are your best friend. they create division in your shape but they also create a waist line for you. Black belts like this  MCQ Waist Belt are essential to an apple wardrobe.


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