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The Return of Juicy

Juicy Gym Glam

Juicy is really making a comeback. If you didn’t know, the Juicy Brand’s original owners, Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, have been struggling to buy back their company from it’s corporate owners. They felt as if the brand, established in 1997, was losing its core focus.



I’m not sure how you feel about Juicy, but my sister and I had almost every jump suit they made. Unfortunately, as we got older the various colored velour suits became played and we moved on to the sweatshirt and legging era of lazy wear. Juicy had reached an all time low by 2010 despite celebrity endorsements.

One step up from Roca-Wear Velour suits, No one wanted to look like the Jersey Chick from the block... What was Kim before Kanye?

One step up from Roca-Wear Velour suits, No one wanted to look like the Jersey Chick from the block… What was Kim before Kanye?

The brand became over saturated with cheaply produced zip ups that were way over priced. The only thing we had left in common were our initials, J.C. So naturally we broke up.  After something becomes “trendy” I sometimes lose interest so I never had any intentions of picking back up multiple pieces of Juicy for my wardrobe.

 I have just gotten to the level where I work out so much and my results are actually noticeable that I want to be cute. Now after surfing Instagram and finding various inappropriate pieces of spandex polyester that look like a breeding ground for all sorts of lady issues, I didn’t think I would find something cute and wearable from gym to grocery store or to wherever ( I love transitional pieces).

But then this happened…. Juicy made a few new pieces that really caught my eye,

Yeaaa.. everything is better in leopard!

Yeaaa.. everything is better in leopard!

they made sexy gym wear! Juicy has introduced Juicy Sport ( like Bebe sport but not as cheapy) a sportswear line that combines workout aesthetic with cute patterns, colors and pieces, and phrases like ” Gym in the A.M Party in the P.M.”!!! I’m very impressed with the line, It’s like Nike meets Victoria Secret’s Pink!


 Juicy actually has very cute pieces made from polyamide ( breathable fabrics that wicks sweat) cottons and spandex, all of which are  machine washable.  I especially love the Zip ups, pants and tank tops.   But what do you think? Would you give juicy a try?

Juicy Gym Glam

Juicy Gym Glam

Click the Pictures below to shop!


2 Responses to “The Return of Juicy”

  1. Anonymous

    I love this! I was wondering what happened to Juicy Couture. The line looks great! Thanks for keeping me informed, love your blog can’t wait for new items on Luxorandfinch (:


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